...here you find explanations to the lyrics of all our songs...

( in alphabetical order )
(...our cover-songs ...)
ABSCESS - "Suicide Fuck"
"A Farewell"
"A haunted Soul"
ANAL CUNT - "Radio Hit"
AUTOPSY - "Human Genocide"
BENEDICTION - "Artefacted Irreligion"
"Amputations for my Rations"
BLOOD - "Dogmatize"
BLOOD - "Down to the Swamp"
"At the End..."
COFFINS - "Altars in Gore"
DEATH - "Torn to Pieces"
"Blame It On Yourself"
DEFECATION - "Underestimation"
DENAK - "Nuestro Futuro"
DISRUPT - "A Life´s A Life"
"Borrowed Time"
EYEHATEGOD - "Depress"
FEAR OF GOD - "Thy Beauty"
GRAVE - "In Love"
GUT - "Vagina Berserker"
"Cattle Grid"
IMPETIGIO - "Heart of Illinois"
MASTER - "Master"
"Cleansed By Fire"
MESRINE  - "Behram"
"Concept of Time"
MORTICIAN  - "Bloodcraving"
NAPALM DEATH - "Mentally Murdered"
"Come on Over"
PUNGENT STENCH - "Suspended Animation"
"Created Reality"
ROT - "Restricted"
"Crimson Harvest"
TURBONEGRO  - "Hate the Kids"
"Defy your Master"
"Depression vs. the Devil"
"Depression II"
"Depressionen" (Trilogy)
"Desperation of my Soul"
"Erase the Disease"
"Eroded Epitaph"
"Fallen from Grace"
"False Apologies"
"Final Journey"
"Fucked up by Belief"
"Grave Robbers robbed my Grave"
"Greet the Corpses"
"Grotesquely Distorted"
"Howling at my Backdoor"
"Human Prey"
"I am the Devil"
"Impious Lands"
"...in Desperation."
"Jimmy was in Town"
"Just Flesh"
"Knee deep in rancid Bowels"
"Life is..."
"Life is hard and then you die"
"Manifesto Of The Weird"
"Mass Extinction Oof the Parasite Race"
"Master - Madness - Overdose"
"Men behind the Sun"
"Mortal Agony"
"No Life shall remain"
"No Need for a God"
"No Tumours just Rumours"
"On The Edge"
"One last Smile"
"Putting the last Nail"
"Sacred Vomit"
"Sane - Insane"
"Santanico Pandemonium"
"(She´s) Satan in high Heels"
"Slowly passing timeless Horrors"
"Sorrow´s Dale"
"Spastik & Gesang"
"Spread the Lies"
"Spring Time is killing Time"
"The 2nd Messiah"
"The Ballad of Typhoid Mary"
"The Barbarian"
"The Exorcist"
"The Peeling Session"
"The Sharpener"
"Threatening Precipice"
"Twisted Thoughts Of Yesterday"
"Under the pale Moonlight"
"Unreal Relations"
"Vale of Tears"
"Vomit Bowel"
"Witching Hour"
"You call me Beast"