...here you find explanations to the lyrics of all our songs...

( in alphabetical order )
(...our cover-songs ...)
ABSCESS - "Suicide Fuck"
"A Farewell"
ANAL CUNT - "Radio Hit"
BENEDICTION - "Artefacted Irreligion"
"An Autumn Blaze"
BLOOD - "Dogmatize"
"At the End..."
BLOOD - "Down to the Swamp"
DEATH - "Torn to Pieces"
DEFECATION - "Underestimation"
DENAK - "Nuestro Futuro"
DISRUPT - "A Life´s A Life"
EYEHATEGOD - "Depress"
FEAR OF GOD - "Thy Beauty"
"Cattle Grid"
GRAVE - "In Love"
GUT - "Vagina Berserker"
"Cleansed By Fire"
IMPETIGIO - "Boneyard"
"Crimson Harvest"
IMPETIGIO - "Heart of Illinois"
MESRINE  - "Behram"
MORTICIAN  - "Bloodcraving"
NAPALM DEATH - "Mentally Murdered"
TURBONEGRO  - "Hate the Kids"
"Defy your Master"
"Denied Salvation"
"Depression vs. the Devil"
"Drown In Silence"
"Erase the Disease"
"Fallen from Grace"
"False Apologies"
"(Fuck Off, You) Bastard"
"Grace to the World"
"Grave Robbers robbed my Grave"
"Grotesquely Distorted"
"Howling at my Backdoor (Part II)"
"Human Prey"
"In Death I am free"
"In The End...Unknowing"
"Just a Piece of Flesh"
"Just Flesh"
"Legions of Scorn"
"Life is..."
"Maggot Eater"
"Manifesto Of The Weird"
"No Respect"
"On The Edge"
"Sane - Insane"
"Smiling While We Die"
"Sorrow´s Dale"
"Spread the Lies"
"Thanks for Nothing"
"The deepest I"
"The Scent Of Faded Memories"
"The Sharpener"
"To All whom It may concern"
"Twisted Thoughts Of Yesterday"
"Wipe You Off Life´s Page"
"Working in the Coalmine" (Part 1-5)