"No Respect"

(taken from the CD / LP / MC  “Die Dunkle Dimension”, 2015)

"No respect for anyone, you are such a fool
All the lies you tell, you might think it makes you cool
Day by day you suffer from lack of integrity
You are such a joke, mind’s soaked with bigotry

Everyone knows of what kind you are
Just a jerk, a dullard who could never go far

You wanna beat me, you can try to bring me down
Be it! But such deeds do always come around
So you better don’t dare standing in my way
I’m gonna stomp your face, my dues I’ll always pay

You are nothing but an ignorant fool
Your lies have become reality to you

So you better give up your infantile faking
But I bet you ain’t got the balls to face the truth
You can’t bring me down, I won’t break in
You will try and try but you’ll always lose"

(Ron , written while stomping a face, in the year 2015)