"Come on Over"

(taken from the CD “Ära der Finsternis”, 2020)

Do you feel my need?
Do you feel it too?
Want you to taste my heat
Don't you want it too?

when the time is right and the mood is fine
I wanna touch your body - just give me a sign
come a little closer and we both - share a good time
tell me all your secrets and I - will show you mine

Do you feel the passion?
Don’t you think it's time?
Your body's my obsession
With you I'm feeling fine

come on over and show me - what you've got
I adore your little freckles - I love them a lot
I know what you need - and I need it too
The moment is right and I know just what to do

No need to be shy
I ain't no bad guy
lay yourself down
there won't be a let-down

skin on skin our bodies - become one
turning and twisting - yet we ain't done
the passion we share - is for all to see
climax is near - now - please suck off me

Now you taste my love
you are my little dove
and if you want more
get down on all four

Show me all your inside - and let me dive in
Our bodies in heat - we are enjoying sins
Sweet ecstasy - seem to never end
But it ain't no love - no need to pretend

(Ron, written skin on skin, in the year 2020)