"Smiling While We Die"

(taken from the CD / LP / MC  “Die Dunkle Dimension”, 2015)

"It’s now finally the time when all life dies
The Great Shadow lurks for his prey
In obscurity he dwelled, where emptiness lies
For too long, impatiently, he awaited this day

To fall and die in pain is now at hand
Now as death creeps across the land
With sardonic wrath, on pestilent wings
The stench of sulphuric foulness he brings

For aeons he greedily watched and waited
Hidden in the thick fog of our own lies
And now as our downfall is self-created
He’d come to demand his infernal prize

Destruction and chaos he brings
All human life will now decline
The Dead, exalted they now sing
For they’ve perceived the signs

An era of darkness, damnation and death
Pathetic human life will finally be erased
So I close my eyes and take a last breath
Smiling while we die and death is praised

(Ron, written with a smile, in the year 2015)