"Forgotten Worlds"

(taken from the Demo “Vergessene Welten”, 1992)
(re-recorded on the Demo "Erinnerungen", 1995)
(re-released and re-recorded on the Double-CD "Das Relikt -Erinnerungen-", 2005)

"I see the angel falls, my master
When it’s time to die for me
I see that my blood runs faster
When I am unleashed and free?

Forgotten Worlds

Paralysis snatches my soul
The claw of heaven is so far
Lucifer, hear my last growl
I’m no victim on your black altar

Forgotten Worlds

You’re not my messiah
I’m not wrapped in your mighty
Escaping from the unholy fire
I’ve lost my memories

Forgotten Worlds

Wrong consciousness – Shadows from beyond
Devilish errors – Mental decay
Total horror – Chanceless pray
Inward mutilation – Unknown fate

The falcon stops my saveless falling
And show me the entrance to eternal sleep
No god hears my calling
The abyss is far to deep…

Forgotten Worlds"

(Kai, written in the forgotten worlds, in the year 1992)