(taken from the split-LP “Das Geisterhaus”, 2021)

Today is turning out not so well
Something’s constantly on my mind
Inside it feels like prisoned in a cell
Not only dark but of the blackened kind

There’s a quiet pressure inside my head
It’s growing to the more intense
I still can hear what those voices said
Understood the words but lost the sense…

How often I tried to explain my inner fears
but words only echoing and crash on deaf ears
Voices of the past, whispering so severe
while my soul floats on a river of nameless tears
Do you know how it feels when no one understands?
When I am in need and I can't make a stand
I am not like you, it's obviously at hand
but a little understanding I do demand...yeah

Don't try
to mess around
with my ... mind

Yesterday, I felt like hell
All the questions I had in mind
They tortured me, I can tell
And still there's no answer in sight

(Ron, written with no answer in sight, in the year 2020)