(taken from the split-LP “Das Geisterhaus”, 2021)

You don't have a clue what you want to be
An intelligent person is not what I see
Begging to others to feel with you
You are so weak, I see right through

Time slips away like clouds in the sky
Still you won't stop to yell and cry
Listening to you is a waste of time
Why don't you shut up and try the art of mime

I don't care - if that's the story of your life
I don't care - if you're cheated by your wife
I don't care - if it's too hard to get by
I don't care - if you are about to die
I don't care - if your solution is in death
I'll be there - when you take your last breath

I wish I could take away your voice
so that I must not listen to that noise
All I ever hear is dumb, disgusting chatter
I guess people like you can't do any better

So let loose! Let your life just slip away
Take that noose! For you there's no need to stay
Feel the knot! Tightening around your scruff
You shall rot! All those years have been enough

Why don't you just die?!!!!

(Ron, written while listen to that noise, in the year 2020)