"Erase The Disease"

(taken from the CD “Dekade(nz)”, 2010)

"If the eyes are the mirror of the soul
Mine will reflect the world’s disgust
Read the hatred of a thousand minds
And all negativity and distrust

All our greed made us an imperfect race
Always struggling for more
Centuries ago we’ve seen better days
Humanity is now lost and rotten to the core

Spreading the human disease to the furthest places
Cancer-like growing we infest the earth
I want to see the whole human kind set ablaze
or imminent catastrophes even get worse

Cleansing fires should rage across the land
To scorch all infested and impure flesh
The fall of all human life is finally at hand
Greedy flames sentence mankind to death"

(Ron, written with the world´s disgust, in the year 2009)