Drown In Silence

(taken from the CD “Dekade(nz)”, 2010)

Slowly the colour of my life has faded
Light has descended into the absurd
From day to day it always got worse
And I already lost the will to live

Like a flower withers without water
My soul has dried out – lack of life
Left alone in this vacant place
Everything’s so pale – covered with twilight

So the decision was made
Can’t bear this agony any longer
Wish to descend into another world
To die is to escape

Slowly cold steel meets the flesh
Cutting life and my blood is spilled
Sight slowly distorts before my eyes
While my body starts to weaken

Just a few minutes then my work is done
For now I will leave this world forever
Slowly dying yet I‘ve never lived
In my eyes you won’t find any regret

(Ron, written without any regret, in the year 2009)