"Human Prey"

(taken from the split-CD / LP / MC “Die toten Tage kommen...” with Mesrine, 2004)

"Flesh – Blood
Bounded in chains
Rivers of red

Agony – Crying in pain
The living dead - Embrace
Empty eyes – Staring at me
That’s all they see – Food

Touch my skin
Freezes from within
Cold hands – My soul

Stench of the foul and rotten
Decay of wasted life
For years hidden and forgotten
Led by the will to survive

First robbing the graves
Then out on the streets
Fresh blood is what they crave
Suck up all a body can bleed

Haunted human prey
They will surely kill again
Bow your head and pray
Enjoy the pain
Enjoy the pain

The pain
The pain

Human Prey

(Ron, written for humanity, in the year 2003)