"Concept of Time"

(taken from the CD “Ära der Finsternis”, 2020)

For years life had been an uncertain, painful journey
For I finally lost the faith in what I was
Absorbed by a storm of depressed thoughts
All that sorrow made me suffer from loss

I accepted my fate and faced the decline
Steadily I drowned in an ocean of time

Like a piece of wood dissolves in the fire
I was slowly swallowed by my own desire
Life tore at my flesh, I refused a helping hand
but from now on I will take a massive stand

Like a diffuse tear in a river of lies
one among many, I held myself captured
Without the will to live everything dies
but infinity doesn't come along with rapture

To live and die is only a concept of time
whats's in between, the choice is mine
So I close my eyes and listen inside
maybe there the answer I can find

Which path is the right? No one can foretell
but worst is what you do to yourself
Make a decision, don't wait for too long
Or else you wonder where all your life is gone…

(Ron, written on a painful journey, in the year 2020)