(taken from the CD “Dekade(nz)”, 2010)

Breathe in, breathe out
Poisoned air into your lung
Inhale, exhale
Bitter smell on your tongue

Let’s just take a walk
Through the acid rain
Feel the skin peeling off
What sweet aching pain

When the sky turns blue
You feel the sun’s warm rays
Ozone filter destroyed
So the flesh is (slowly) set ablaze

Oceans will devour the shores
Land is consumed by the sea
Our cities will drown in the flood
And no place is left to flea (to)

Corpses will dance on the waves
All piled up like walls
Diseases spread by rot

Now hear the death’s bell call
Abandoned we stand
Waiting for the end
Life slipped through our hands
Only death we can demand

(Ron, written while breathing out, in the year 2009)