(taken from the split-7"EP “Hier liegen meine Gebeine...(ich wollt´ es wären Deine)” with Inhumate, 2008)
(re-released on the CD “Eine Rückbesinnung", 2009)


My sky now is covered with moisty grey
Diffuse light – can’t differ night from day
senses are numbed from this pale obscurity
Sickness invades – shatters my sanity

Living through this horrible love-made hell
Where only my deepest fears are to dwell
Among those crawling shadows now I am
Fallen in my mind’s abyss where it all began


Without the warmth of your ceasing sun
I am to die and it has almost just begun
Lend me your shiny and glowing eyes
Bright like the stars, which enlighten my sky

For now there’s no place left for me to hide
Between the walls, where dark and light collide

Again I’ve been deceived – again there’s no relief
Again I’ve been deceived – again there’s no relief

Born to suffer, lived by standard, now dying in despair
No hope is ever left, abandoned, gasping for air
The end, my soul suffocates, now take the final breath
Dying in solitude, but joyfully awaiting my death

Once in your convincing told lies I ever believed
I have dared and once again I have been deceived
Even my last thoughts I waste on you, now I see
A pale and cold shell that once was everything to me"

(Ron, written between the walls, in the year 2006)