"Heart of Illinois"

(taken from the split-7"EP "Die Zeiten ändern sich" with Maggot Shoes, 1997)
(re-released on the CD “Eine Rückbesinnung", 2009)

Impetigo is on of my all time favorites and one of the biggest influences of DEPRESSION. Their sound is unique and their songs are the way I love it. Firts, I wanted to cover their "hit" "Boneyard", or their fantastic killer "Dis-organ-ized", but "Boneyard" was covered by millions of other bands, so I thought it would be too boring. And I was sure that I can´t hold the quality level of "Dis-organ-ized" because the vocal effects are perfect. So I choose "Heart of Illinois", because the songs fits very good to DEPRESSION because of the groove and song-structure.