(taken from the split-7" EP “Ein schmaler Grat” with Kadaverficker, 2014)

"Most of my days pass away so slow

Slipping sand through my fingers

And while I sit there, waiting

the wheel of time keeps spinning

Nothing ever changes

The minutes seem like years

Time really has lost its meaning

And meaninglessness won’t disappear

I now wait for the day to arrive

All my yearning will be fulfilled

Sorrow and pain will be led astray

No more tears will be spilled

Just a matter of fact, it will never be

Slowly opening my eyes, trying to see

Too many times I’ve prayed to thee

Living through pain, accepting destiny

Once more I’m trapped in lifes’ cruelty

Engulfed in a vortex of misery

Again the sun doesn’t shine for me

In the grip of darkness I’ll always be"


(Ron, written in the grip of darkness, in the year 2012)