"Grace To The World"

(taken from the CD “Dekade(nz)”, 2010)

"This world only exists for you
You don’t know anyone else
Everything’s revolving around only you
Your sight is grace to the world

You are the real crown of genesis
Bright light in the darkest night
The oil in the engine of life
A manifesto of genius

When you talk to me – I feel blessed
When you speak to me – it’s divine
So please, don’t let me fall from grace
Although I know, beside you, I’m a disgrace

I am of the chosen few
because I know you
I am honoured so badly
Even if I don’t deserve this gift

Your bright light illuminates my night
Only you can take away my pain
Your brilliance is envied by every one
“Mr-Know-it-all” is your first name

“Wake up and stop dreaming!
I am not lost without you, jerk!
Look into the mirror and face reality!!!
Would you be so kind and kill yourself!!!”

(Ron, written in disgrace, in the year 2009)