(taken from the CD “Ära der Finsternis”, 2020)

I can hardly find the words
to tell what I feel about you
A philosopher, you think, you are
but you don't really have a clue

Your mind yearns for intelligence like the desert does for the rain
If I were a cell in your head, I’d get bored all alone in your brain
Too dumb to get yourself a life and make it on your own
Collective disrespect from others, you will reap as you’ve sown

Your self-made world is no place for me
Four dark walls always come closing in, you'll see
The air's getting thinner, you just can’t breathe
You're the lowest of the low, still even underneath

You can’t face reality ‘cause it would be too severe
and now you realize that you’re the biggest fuck in here


(Ron, written while hardly finding the words, i n the year 2020)