(taken from the 7”EP “Ein Hauch von Moder”, 1996)
(re-released on the split-CD “Ein Hauch von Moder Part " I & II with Meatknife, Intestinal Infection, NYATB, 2003)
(re-released on the CD “Eine Rückbesinnung", 2009)
(re-recorded on the CD / LP / MC “Die Dunkle Dimension", 2015)

Originally, the song-title is `Depressive Infection`. It is
something like a joke, that freaks who listen to our music
will be infected by DEPRESSION and will worship us ´til
eath, haha. To be more serious: An infection is a foreign element
within your body and you should always be aware of its danger.

(Kai, written with an infection, in the year 1996)