"Impious Lands"

(taken from the Demo “…in Verzweiflung.”, 1993)
(re-recorded on the Demo "Erinnerungen", 1995)
(re-released and re-recorded on the Double-CD "Das Relikt -Erinnerungen-", 2005)

"Abominable creations reign
They are looking for victims
Where is a lovely virgin?
They are very starving

There comes a beauty
They prepare the meal
She is catched quickly
And will be slaughtered

Tormentors cut off limbs
And worn out the body
They paw the flesh
And eat it hasty

Then they have digested
And have belched loud
Where’s the next virgin?
What an appetite!

Impious lands
Terrible habits"

(Marc, written in horny bloodlust, in the year 1993)