"A haunted Soul"

(taken from the CD “Ära der Finsternis”, 2020)

Pull me under water and still I breathe
but this way it will not end
I often lived through days like these

I will always feel the misery
which is brought by the touch of you
you're so real, no god damn mystery
more certain than I ever knew

hello darkness, my old friend
now it's time we meet again
ol' sadness, you're still a part of me
misery won't ever set me free

There's no shadow without light
Nor a day without the night
There will be no life without death
no living without the dead

Death is certain!

In the midst of life
we are surrounded by death
from the cradle
until our final breath

Life is a gift only death can grand
Lifetime just rushes me by
Like sand slipping through my hands
since birth the end is nigh

(Ron, written under water, in the year 2020)