"False Apologies"

(taken from the CD / LP / MC  “Die Dunkle Dimension”, 2015)

"Whispering words of twisted tongue
A smile on your face and greedy eyes
Your foul breath upon her neck
Fingers sliding down between her thighs

Sick and twisted desires
You cannot hide
“God told me to do”
But that’s all lies

Take her innocence
Take her pride
Make her bleed
And hear her cries
Rape her body
Infect her mind
Bring on the seed
Of the sickest kind

No matter if it’s your own child
Or the daughter of some friend
The end justifies the means
From father to son, this will never end

People like you raise my disgust
For I will never understand
You’re not even worth my hate
Your own life you cannot stand

Burn in hell!!!"

(Ron, written while whispering words of twisted tongue, in the year 2015)