(taken from the CD “Ära der Finsternis”, 2020)

your end is nigh
your lifetime I rewind
Salvation is denied
Tormentor, now it's time

you lived your life with no remorse
to you it's a matter of course
but your destiny I now enforce
your death will be my tour de force


I'll hunt you down and make you bleed
your threshold of pain I will eternally exceed
I'll slit your skin and tear the flesh
Spill your rotten blood until nothing is left

You'll scream out your guts and writhe in pain
To me it's just a game
Piece by piece your wretched face I will maim
You will scream my name


And when I'm done you'll beg for death
and I'll send your soul into infernal depths
A realm of pain and agony
A life of shame, now suffer eternally


(Ron, written while being tormented, in the year 2020)