"Existing Through Thoughts"

(taken from the CD "Ära der Finsternis", 2020)

The path many others walked before
Only to reveal freedom again
Enslaved by the morals of society
Final sleep seems to be a gift divine

See the knife cutting the flesh
Slicing deeply into life itself
All your muscles vibrate
Like they know it is too late

Existing through thoughts
While the body weakens your mind is gone astray
Existing through thoughts
While your body weakens your mind will go astray

The only way you see
to end your misery
Your wounds won't ever heal
Emptiness is everything you feel

As life’s water slowly runs out
Death is certain, there's no doubt
A curtain of grey over layers the mind
The final step into a life of unknown kind

Kind of being without bodily needs
Each thought carries the mind

(Ron, written without doubt, in the year 2020)