"Zur Stille finden"

split-MC with Haemorrhage
limited to 100 copies (including 2 buttons, 2 stickers, 2 posters, 2 postcards)

Unholy Fire Records

"Zur Stille finden" was recorded on the 11th of November 2000 at K-Sound Studio
by Matthias Klinkmann & Kai
"Enough" is a coverversion from the legendary AGATHOCLES
Re-mastered by Kai 
coverartwork by Fab Sick Art 

1. The ancient Arrival of thy utter Darkness (Intro)
2. No Tumours, just Rumours
3. Defaced
4. (She's) Satan in high Heels
5. No need for a God
6. Under the pale Moonlight
7. Enough
8. The Battle
9. An Autumn Blaze
10. I am the Devil
11. Jimmy was in Town

Drums, guitars, bass and screams by Kai
Growls and extreme-farting by Marc
Guttural grunts by Ron