"Zur Stille finden"

split-LP with Haemorrhage
limited to 500 copies, 100 LPs in blue vinyl

Power It UP Records (sold out)

"Zur Stille finden" was recorded on the 11th of November 2000 at K-Sound Studio
by Matthias Klinkmann & Kai
"Enough" is a coverversion from the legendary AGATHOCLES
Re-mastered by Kai 

1. The ancient Arrival of thy utter Darkness (Intro)
2. No Tumours, just Rumours
3. Defaced
4. (She's) Satan in high Heels
5. No need for a God
6. Under the pale Moonlight
7. Enough
8. The Battle
9. An Autumn Blaze
10. I am the Devil
11. Jimmy was in Town

Drums, guitars, bass and screams by Kai
Growls and extreme-farting by Marc
Guttural grunts by Ron