Maybe you have made similar experiences:
You order some nice underground items and pay for them or trade against your stuff, but all you ever get is:
We from Depression have always tried to warn our fans to be careful with special people ...
Underground means passion and not rip-off !!!

Since a long time we were not been ripped by any scumbag. Cool!!

In the past we were ripped off by:

Daniel D / PO Box 900161 / Palmdale,Ca 93590

He asked us to release the DEPRESSION / PAGANIZER split-MC on his label. He really went crazy about that.
After a few weeks of corresponding, we send him the layout and master, and NEVER get any response from him.
The MC was promised to be released February 2008....



He asked us if he could print shirts for us, in a small amount.
Of course we agreed, and after we dealed out the conditions and send him the first sketch of the shirt,
he never ever answered on any mail until then!!
So if you see DEPRESSION shirts somewhere which are not featured on this website, they are bootlegs from him!


601 Wrens Path
Akron, OH 44319

We traded for years, but this time he did NOT send his package at the same time as promised,
but he send his package AFTER he received mine and send stuff back that he didn´t like!!
He send some CDs but not what we agreed for the trade!! NOT AT ALL !!! He also send less CDs,
so he ripped me with 6 CDs and send me stuff he wanna get rid off, but not was I was waiting for!!


Jason Cadivida (nickname Grim);;

now he is acting under a new name!!:

Jason Cadivida (nickname Grim);]

He owes me 10 CDs after I have send him my stuff for trade!
I know that he got the stuff, but from that moment I NEVER get any answer from him !!!!!!!!!


Dr. Genecological:

He wants to release stuff from DEPRESSION and wanna do a big trade!
II send him all the stuff for the release and some trade items and NEVER get ANY response from him again !!!!!!