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ROTTEN ROLL REX (our current CD-label)

SPLATTER ZOMBIE RECORDS (CD-label for "Die dunkle Dimension)

MORBID GENERATION RECORDS (LP-label for "Die dunkle Dimension)

TWISTED TRUTH RECORDS (MC-label for "Die dunkle Dimension)

ERODED (old school death metal)

SUFFER PRODUCTIONS (label from Marc and Ron)

KALTHALLEN STUDIO (our recording palace)

2+2=5 RECORDS (one of our previous labels)

AD NOCTUM ZINE (underground webzine)

A.F.F. (porn grind/noise)

AGATHOCLES (we released a split with them)

A.N.A.E.L. (death/black/industrial)

ANCIENT SPIRIT ZINE (underground zine)

APATHIC VIEW PRODUCTIONS (one of our previous labels)

ATMOSPHERIC ZINE (underground webzine)

AUTOPSY KITCHEN RECORDS (underground label)

BADGER RECORDS (underground vinyl label)


BEOWOLF PRODUCTIONS (underground distro)

BEYOND THE RAGE (death metal)

BLINDSPOT (chaoscore)

BORN TO DIE ZINE (underground zine)

BRUTAL BANDS (underground label)

BRUTALISM (nice underground promotion)

CAH RECORDS (underground label)

CEREBRAL EFFUSION (brutal death metal)

CERTIFIED INSANE (formerly gonorrhoeaction)

CFMD ZINE (underground zine)

CUDGEL AGENCY (one of our previous labels)

DARTH (the band from our producer)

DEATH METAL (underground organisation)

DEATH NRW (underground forum)

DEFLORATION (death metal)

DESERTED FACTORY (underground label/distro)

DEUS MORTUUS PRODUCTIONS (underground label)

DEW-SCENTED (excellent thrash/death metal)

DISEMBOWEL RECORDS (underground label)

EMBALMING THEATRE (brutal grind/death)

EMPTINESS (old school death/black)

ETERNAL PAIN (death metal)


EXECUTIONER ZINE (webzine from Mallorca)

EXPOSED GUTS (death/grind)

FIBROSARCOMA (cybergore)

FORENSICK MUSIC (underground label)

FUNERUS (old school death metal)

GRENOUR (death metal)

HELL BENT FOR RECORDS (underground distro and label)

HELLS HEADBANGERS (underground label)

HMW DISTRIBUTION (underground grind label)

HOERSPIEGEL (metal webzine/forum)

IMPREGNATE (grindcore)

IN BLACKEST VELVET (death metal)

INHUMATE (grind/death)

INMOST DENSE. (death metal)

INSIGNIUM (underground balck metal)

JENS METAL PAGE (underground webzine)


LYKOS ZINE (webzine and newsletter)

LÄRMBELÄSTIGUNG (webzine and mailorder)

MASTIC SCUM (grind/crust band)

MEAN BOMB (mean core)

MEAT 5000 RECORDS (underground label/distro)

METAL CENTRE (underground distro and webzine)

METAL FANATIX ZINE (underground zine)

METAL LIST PORTAL (underground portal and zine)

MODER (underground death metal)

MONDONGO CANNIBALE RECORDS (underground label, distro and zine)

MORBID SOUNDS ZINE (underground webzine)

MORTIFILIA (death metal)

MOUNTAINS OF DEATH FESTIVAL (we played there in 2009)


MUSKETEER OF DEATH (underground webzine)

MYSTICAL MUSIC ZINE (underground zine)

NAPALMED (noise/industrial band/label/etc)

NEEDFUL THINGS (death/grind)

NO POSERS PLEASE! RECORDS (underground distro and label)

NOCTURN METAL SHOW (underground radio)

NORDAFROST (cold black/death)

ORIFFS (internet mailorder)


POWER IT UP RECORDS (one of our previous labels)

PROFANITY (brutal death/grind)

RESURRECTED (brutal death/grind)

ROCK METAL BANDS ZINE (underground webzine)

ROTTREVORE ZINE (underground webzine)

SARGATANAS (old-school death metal)

SCHWERMETALL ZINE (underground zine)

SHAPELESS ZINE (underground webzine)

SONIC CORRUPTION (underground distro)

SORE (gory Death Metal)


SUPREME DARKNESS FESTIVAL (underground organisation)

TEARS OF DECAY (brutal grind/death)

TORODD FUGLESTEG (music freak)

TROLLMUSIC (homepage of our webdesigner)

UKRAGH RECORDS (underground label)

VERMIS (brutal death metal)

VOICES FROM THE DARK SIDE ZINE (legendary underground zine)

VULGAR RECORDS (underground distro and label)

XTREEM MUSIC (formerly known as repulse records)