Some more funny pics:

saftMatze is officially pimped by DEPRESSION !!

saft eating the Devil !

saft worship the Apfelsaft of Hell !!

No need for a dentist !!

- no comment -

Smell the Leichenduft !!

Marc and Kai with Thor´s hammer.

Cry or die!

Marc thinks about a spell to let ron´s hair grow faster.

Just Micmac...

Photo 667 for the EVIL Poser´s Contest!

Who called us sick?!?

Who said Grindcore is dangerous to your health?!

Isn´t it a nice drawing??
It was made by the vocalist from Morgoth!! No Joke..

Dick & Doof? Fix & Foxi? Jeckyl & Hyde? ...

Wum & Wendelin? Karius & Baktus? heinz & Erhardt? ...

Too drunk to ...

F.O.A.D. !!