(first edition with red inlay and special booklet limited to 200 copies - totally sold out!!
second edition with green booklet limited to 200 copies - totally sold out!!)

- "Erinnerungen" was recorded on four tracks in the (empty) swimming pool
of Marc´s parents on one day during November 1995
- Poem "Erinnerung beschlossener Gedanken"
by Kaja Swanhilt Haeger

Side A
1. tuus in aeternum (Intro)
2. Final Journey
3. Dreadful Crimes
4. The Exorcist
5. Slowly passing timeless Horrors
6. Threatening Precipice
7. At the End...
8. Mortal Runs
9. Forgotten Worlds
10. Sacred Vomit
11. Mortal Agony

Side B
1. Defy your Master
2. Submit to Mutilation
3. Impious Land
4. God
5. Unreal Relations
6. Knee deep in rancid Bowels
7. Legions of Scorn
8. ...in Desperation.
9. Vale of Tears
10. Witching Hour
11. cursus res negotium (Outro)

Drums, guitars, bass, screams and keyboards by Kai
Vocals by Marc