"Enjoy or die!"

split-MC with Hierba
Hierba Records
(limited to some copies - totally sold out)

"Enjoy or die!" is a compilation of old rehearsals and "live at the practice room" out-takes
recorded during summer and autumn 1995.
It was never meant to be released officially, but...

1. Eroded Epitaph
2. Blood on God's Hands
3. Dogmatize
4. Bitch
5. Defaced
6. Boneyard
7. Infection
8. Eroded Epitaph
9. Greet the Corpses
10. Short Son (Part II)
11. Seven Feet Under
12. Blood on God's Hans
13. Infection

Drums, guitars, bass, screams and vocals by Kai
Growls, one-string guitar and bass
by Marc