"Der Weg des Wassers"

split-7"EP with Fleshripper
Morbid Reality Records
(limited to 500 copies, 100 copies in orange vinyl - sold out)

"Der Weg des Wassers" was recorded in total chaos and desperation in Februar 2003
Drums were recorded on February, 12th at El Tempo Ha Venido Studio, Schüren
by Björn Hering and Kai
Guitars, bass and all vocals were recorded on February, 23rd at K-Sound Studio, Hohenlimburg
by Matthias Klinkmann and Kai
"Vagina Berserker" is a coverversion from the ungodly GUT (R.I.P.)
"The deepest I" composed by Marc
Intro by Skaldir and Kai
All layouts by Kai

1. Drowned in holy Rivers (intro)
2. Sane - Insane
3. The deepest I
4. Vagina Berserker

Drums, guitars, bass and screams by Kai
Growls, guitars and bass on "The deepest I" by Marc
Guttural grunts, sick vocals on "Vagina Berserker" and all lyrics by Ron