split-MC with PAGANIZER
Cauterized Productions

"Unglaube" was recorded 4th/5th of August 2007 by Skaldir
Drums, guitars and bass were recorded at T1 studios in Düsseldorf.
All vocals were recorded at Sunset Studio in Nachrodt.
All songs by Kai, except the slow middle-part in "Fallen from Grace" by Marc.
All lyrics by Ron.
Lead guitar in "On the Edge" and "Modertau" by Skaldir.
All songs disarranged by DEPRESSION.
"Artefacted Irreligion" is a coversong from the pioneers BENEDICTION.
All vocals were recorded at Sunset Studio in Nachrodt.
Layout by Ron.

1. Ain´t no ordinary Brutality (intro)
2. The Scent of faded Memories
3. Howling at my Backdoor (Pt.2)
4. Wipe you off Life´s Page
5. Modertau
6. Artefacted Irreligion
7. Manifesto of the Weird
8. On the Edge
9. Leech
10. Fallen from Grace
11. In the End...unknowing
12. Oscar´s Job

Drums, guitars, screams and...what else?! by Kai
Bass, growls and being himself by Marc
Guttural grunts, weird shrieks and negativity by Ron