"The Barbarian"

(taken from the split-7”EP “Ein Hauch von Moder Part2” with Rejectamenta, 1998)
(re-released on the split-CD “Ein Hauch von Moder Part " I & II with Meatknife, Intestinal Infection, NYATB, 2003)
(re-released on the CD “Eine Rückbesinnung", 2009)
(new recorded and released on the CD “Ära der Finsternis", 2020)

my name you should know
I'm here to take your soul
Now I'm in control
No mercy I do bestow

your end is foretold - you can't hide
I am on a mission - you know about
To torture is my goal - agony
to enslave the world - to bring fear

tortured mental slave - I'm here to reign
about you to decide - tear you up
misery is your next destination - bow to me
mental castle will fall - for all to see

I am the barbarian and I've come for you
Hear the prophecy, plague for all
Feel the hatred burning in my soul
death to all, I do unfold

I'm here - The Barbarian
It's time - suffer
Erase - the human kind

(Ron, written on a misson, in the year 2020)