"The Scent Of Faded Memories"

(taken from the split-CD / MC “Unglaube” with Paganizer, 2008)

"Darkness is all around
I’m swallowed in black
Yet there is no way out
Nor can I ever turn back

I’m forced to live and die
Here in this emotional hell
Where any feeling is a lie
Right or wrong, I can’t tell

This realm of distrust
Made by my own hands
Emotions cause disgust
State of being I can’t stand

Feeling dead while being alive
Lost is all the sense in life
Existing to rot in a dying world
Reduced to ashes without getting burnt

Like a black hole swallows all emotion
And leaves nothing but distortion
The fear to love is burning inside
My every tears won’t wash away the night

Wasted time – so it seems
Pain just won’t go away
Emotions lie shattered
And agony will forever stay

The scent of faded memories
now is my dearest lore
For now I’ve lost my dreams
Hope and confidence nevermore

Life has refused any solution
Walking through the hard driving rain
Maybe in death I find my salvation
Leave me alone with my pain…
…my pain!!!

Please let me die in solitude!!!"

(Ron, written in pain and solitude, in the year 2007)