split-LP with Coffins
(Hell´s Headbangers Records)
(first edition limited to 500 copies; 100 in black/white splatter vinyl, 400 in black vinyl -sold out)

“Teufelskreis” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Kalthallen Studio
by Skaldir & DEPRESSION March 2019
Drums recorded at Swinger of the Axe Studio 2019 by Kai
All songs by Kai
exept "Zerfall" by Marc
All lyrics by Ron
except “Altars in Gore” by COFFINS
Backing vocals by Apollyon of INSIGNIUM
Bandpic by Necromaniac

01. Neutron Hammer
02. One last Smile
03. Mass Extinction of the Parasite Race
04. The 2nd Messiah
05. Altars in Gore (COFFINS)
06. Zerfall

DEPRESSION is (from left to right)
Kai – drums, guitars, bass, piano, screams
Ron – guttural grunts & weird shrieks
Marc – bass guitar, growls & BBQ