"Slowly passing timeless Horrors"

(taken from the Demo “…in Verzweiflung.”, 1993)
(re-recorded on the Demo "Erinnerungen", 1995)
(re-released and re-recorded on the Double-CD "Das Relikt -Erinnerungen-", 2005)

"I’ve got something in my mind
Sometimes I wish I could die
Once I’ve killed a helpless child
In my dreams I hear it cry

It’s too late, my victim is dead
I heard many things in heaven
And all things in hell
It haunted me all day and night

Innocent dreams are following me
Innocent dreams of madness
But false dreams
Beyond the truth

She looks to me
But she can’t see
She speaks to me
But I can’t hear

I’ve blew up my chains
Now I’m unleashed
But when its time to leave this world
Where is my eternal place?
(In heaven or in hell?)"

(Kai, written short before his suicide, in the year 1993)