"Ein kakophonischer Lebenshauch"

Apathic View Productions (sold out)

"Ein kakophonischer Lebenshauch" was taped at the unholy evening of October 28th
in the year 2006 at the AJZ Bahndamm in Wermelskirchen, Germany
"DalaiDahmer" was recorded in 2005

Drums were recorded in July 2005 at Abscence Studio by Latten-Lars and Kai 
Guitars, bass and all vocals were recorded August 2005
at legendary K-Sound Studio bei Matze Klinkmann and DEPRESSION
Spontaneous backing vocals on "Gods Of Grind"
by Stefan Brinkmann, ex-SUFFOCATE BASTARD
Spontaneous backing vocals on "Eroded Epitaph"
by Chris, ex-FLESHRIPPER
Spontaneous backing vocals on "Defaced"
by Smoo
Spontaneous pig-squeals on "Leichenduft"
There are definitely no vocal effects on this recording
Complete layouts by Alexander Schnücker

1. Knee Deep In Rancid Bowels
2. Flesh Of Mine
3. The Mangler
4. Maggot Eater
5. (Fuck off, you) Bastard
6. Bloodheaven
7. Gods Of Grind
8. Putting The Last Nail
9. Eroded Epitaph
10. Amputations For My Rations
11. In The Land Of  Cotton Where The Whiskey Flows And The Land Is Rotten - jam
12. Slowly Passing Timeless Horrors
13. Infection
14. Defaced
15. Leichenduft
16. Sathanas - I am God

Exclusive Studio Bonus Track
17. DalaiDahmer

Pounding drums and hysteric screams by Kai
Bulldozer-bass and sick growls by Marc
Guttural grunts and weird shrieks by Ron
Depressive guitar-axe by Matze