"Der schmale Grat"

split-7"EP with Kadaverficker
(limited to 300 handnumbered,splatter-colored vinyl - sold out)

"Der schmale Grat" was recorded and mixed at the rainy 28th December of 2011
by Skaldir and DEPRESSION in Kalthallen Studio, Nachrodt, Germany.
Mastered at the 6th day of January 2012
"Down to the Swamp" was deranged at the 8th of August 2010 in Kalthallen Studio.
All musick by Kai, except "Down to the Swamp" by BLOOD
All lyrics by Ron, except "Down to the Swamp" by BLOOD
Cover artwork by Goreminister

1. Meaninglessness
2. CCC (CyberChristChurch)
3. Thanks for Nothing (Part I)

4. Just Flesh (Part II)
5. Sorrows Dale
6. Down to the Swamp (BLOOD)

Kai - drums, guitars, bass and screams
Marc - growls, bass and grillmaster
Ron - guttural grunts and shrieks