"Gods of Grind"

(taken from the CD / LP / MC “Chronische Depression”, 2000)

"Magic Darkness
Hidden in Blood
Beneath the surface
The suffering stops

Revenged victims
As cold as ice
faithful plagues
Sacrificing rotten brains

Spill the blood
Bang ´til death
Look behind
Gods of Grind

Crushing your bones
Ripping your flesh
Eternal suffer
Celebrating your doom

Choir of the damned
Consuming your life
Betrayed, no mercy
Feel the touch of hate

Spill the blood
Bang ´til death
Don’t look behind
Gods of Grind

Creators of sin
Deadly disease
ubmit to cure
he threat of the final war

Filthy bastards
Is that your wish
Get out of our eyes
Or join the Gods of Grind"

(Sammy, written in the year 1989)