"Hier liegen meine Gebeine...(ich wollt´ es wären Deine)"

split-7"EP with Inhumate
(limited to 500 copies - sold out)

"Hier liegen meine Gebeine...(ich wollt´ es wären Deine)" was recorded on the 19th of February 2006
at K-Sound Studio, Hohenlimburg
Produced and engineered by Matthias Klinkmann and Kai
"Mentally Murdered" originally by NAPALM DEATH
Songs: "Silence...forevermore" by Marc; "Deceived" and "(Fuck off, you) Bastard" by Kai
Depressive litanies by Ron, except "(Fuck off, you) Bastard" by Kai

1. Silence...forevermore
2. (Fuck off, you) Bastard
3. Mentally Murdered
4. Deceived

Drums, guitars and screams of pain by Kai
Bass, growls and alcoholic excess by Marc
Guttural grunts and weird shrieks by Ron