"Ära der Finsternis"

CD (30th-anniversary-album)
(Rotten Roll Rex)

“Ära der Finsternis” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Kalthallen Studios in Nachrodt by Skaldir & DEPRESSION
Drums recorded at Swinger of the Axe Studio in Bad Kreuznach October 2019
Guitars recorded  at Kalthallen Studios November 2019
Bass recorded February at Kalthallen Studios 2020
Vocals recorded at Kalthallen Studios March 2020
Miscellaneous recorded at Kalthallen Studios April 2020
Guest-vocals on “Knochenfäule” and “Changes” by Marc Grewe (ex-MORGOTH, INSIDIOUS DISEASE)
Guest-Vocals recorded at Mawrecordings Studio 05.06. 2020  by Marc Wüstenhagen
Guitar-solos on “Alone” and “Master” by Skaldir
Lyrical concept on “Spastik & Gesang” by Walde
All songs by Kai except “Tormentor” by Skaldir, “Concept Of Time” by Apollyon, “Grin” by Marc
“Master” is a coverversion of mighty MASTER
“Alone” originally performed by GREEN MACHINE
Der weinende Tod” composed and played by Phelina
Outro spoken by Nico Steckelberg
All lyrics by Ron, except Depressionen II, Ära der Finsternis, Master and Alone
Cover photo “half moon down” by Günter Lenz (www.guenter-lenz.de)
Live photos by Jörg Müller (www.the-pit.de)
Tray live photo by Bettina Heiler (Tina on Tour)
Photo of Kai by Ossi
Layout by Ron

1. Der Aufbruch
2. Uttermost Belief
3. Knochenfäule
4. Created Reality
5. A haunted Soul
6. Twisting
7. Of Grief and Pleasure
8. No Excuse
9. Grin
10. Changes
11. The Ballad of Typhoid Mary
12. Come on over
13. Spastik & Gesang
14. Tormentor
15. Der weinende Tod
16.  Seelenseuche und Geweidepest
17. Concept of Time
18. Imbecile
20. Existing through Thoughts
21. Master (MASTER)
22. Coma
23. Master - Madness - Overdose
24. Depression II
25. Ära der Finsternis
26. Era of Darkness

“Ein Hauch von Moder Pt. II“ re-animated

27. Blood on God´s Hands
28. Short Song
29. The Babarian
30. Eroded Epitaph

Drums, guitars, piano and screams by Kai
Esophagus and sore throat by Ron
Bass, Growls and booze-worship by Marc