"Die Dunkle Dimension"

CD (25th-anniversary-album)
(Splatter Zombie Records)
(including Poster and sticker)

„Die Dunkle Dimension“ was recorded, mixed and mastered at Kalthallen Studio
in Nachrodt from 24.-26. July 2015 by Skaldir and DEPRESSION
Drums recorded at Swinger of the Axe Studio in Bad Kreuznach in Autumn 2014 by Kai
All songs by Kai and all lyrics by Ron, except “A Life´s a Life” by DISRUPT and “Dogmatize” by BLOOD. “Memorialized” inspired by the GODS OF GRIND song with the same name.
Cover Artwork by Eero Reiniaho
Layout by Ron
Bandpic by D. Bathe
Intro by Skaldir and Ron
Outro spoken by Nico Steckelberg
Miscellaneous by Skaldir

1. The Dark Dimension
2. False Apologies
3. Smiling While We Die
4. Working In The Coal-mine Pt.1
5. Shred 6 .
Denied Salvation
7. Memorialized
8. Working In The Coal-mine Pt.2
9. Blame It On Yourself
10 .A Life’s A Life (DISRUPT)
11. Working In The Coal-mine Pt.3
12. Hunger
13 .Twisted Thoughts Of Yesterday
14 .Working In The Coal-mine Pt.4
15. Cleansed By Fire
16. No Respect
17. Working In The Coal-mine Pt.5
18. Depression
19 .Die Dunkle Dimension

“Ein Hauch von Moder” Re-animated

20. Flesh Of Mine
21. Infection
22 .Dogmatize (BLOOD)
23. Amputations For My Rations
24. Desperation Of My Soul
25. Greet The Corpses

Drums, guitars, screams and horseness by Kai
Bass, Growls and hot sauce pain by Marc
Low and high vocal torture and Highland Single Malt by Ron