CD (20th-anniversary-album)
Bloodred Horizon Records
(first edition Digipak limited to 1.000 copies - sold out,
regular version in Jewelcase)

"Dekade(nz)" was recorded and engineered by Skaldir
on 03.10. - 05.10.2008 at Kalthallen Studios in Nachrodt
Mastered by Skaldir 12.10.2008
All music by Kai, except "In Love" by GRAVE
All lyrics by Ron, except "Grave Robbers robbed my Grave" by Kai
and "In Love" by GRAVE
Cover drawing by Valdr of HEL
Intro and Outro arranged by Skaldir
Guest-vocals on "In Death I am free" by Goreminister of SORE
Outro spoken by Rico Steckelberg
"Nuestro Futuro" (DENAK) was recorded 04.10.2005 by Matthias Klinkmann
at Krähativ Sound in Hohenlimburg
G.R.R.M.G. especially composed for the one and only Besen

1. Under The Light Of A Fullmoon (intro)
2. To All Whom It May Concern
3. Grace To The World
4. Life Is...
5. The Sharpener
6. Breathe
7. Grave Robbers Robbed My Grave
8. Honesty
9. Sailor
10. In Death I Am Free
11. Drown In Silence
12. Erase The Disease
13. In Love
14. Depressionen (Part III)
15. Dekade(nz) (outro)

Bonus Song:
16. Nuestro Futuro (ltd. Digipak)

Drums, guitars, bass-guitar, voice on "Depressionen (Part III)" and gurgling on "Sailor" by Kai
Growls and bass-guitar by Marc
Guttural grunts and all wierd shrieks by Ron