"Live At Blackend"

split-7"EP with Agathocles and Kadaverficker
(Support The Sickness Records)
(limited to 100 copies)

„Live at Blackend“ was recorded and produced by Philipp Dous of Angry Withe Elephant
Layout By Goreminister
This is a fucking raw and filthy live record for all the people who experienced this amazing gig
at the Blackend in Dortmund on the 30th of october 2015.
Groovy Death-Grind-Mince-Nekrokore friendship prevails!

1. Depression – Putting the last Nail
2. Depression – Nekrovore (Kadaverficker Cover)
3. Kadaverficker – Todeskuss mit Ileus
4. Agathocles – Commence to Mince
5. Agathocles – Electrifarce
6. Agathocles – Not a bit

1. Agathocles – Bang Bang
2. Agathocles – And the looser is
3. Depression – Leichenduft
4. Kadaverficker – Fistah Sistah
5. Kadaverficker – Nekrokore is Love

Drums by Kai
Bass and Growls by Marc
Vocal torture by Ron
Live-Guitar by Stefan