"Live At Blackend"

split-7"EP with Agathocles and Kadaverficker
(Support The Sickness Records)
(limited to 100 copies - sold out)

„Live at Blackend“ was recorded and produced by Philipp Dous of Angry Withe Elephant
Layout By Goreminister
This is a fucking raw and filthy live record for all the people who experienced this amazing gig
at the Blackend in Dortmund on the 30th of october 2015.
Groovy Death-Grind-Mince-Nekrokore friendship prevails!

1. Depression – Putting the last Nail
2. Depression – Nekrovore (Kadaverficker Cover)
3. Kadaverficker – Todeskuss mit Ileus
4. Agathocles – Commence to Mince
5. Agathocles – Electrifarce
6. Agathocles – Not a bit

1. Agathocles – Bang Bang
2. Agathocles – And the looser is
3. Depression – Leichenduft
4. Kadaverficker – Fistah Sistah
5. Kadaverficker – Nekrokore is Love

Drums by Kai
Bass and Growls by Marc
Vocal torture by Ron
Live-Guitar by Stefan