split-7"EP with ERODED
Suffer Productions
(first 100 in red vinyls, 400 in black vinyl - sold out)

"Abgrund" was recorded and mixed at the rainy 28th December of 2011
by Skaldir and DEPRESSION in Kalthallen Studio, Nachrodt/Germany
Mastered at the 6th day of January 2012 by Skaldir with the torment of Marc

"Torn To Pieces" was torn to tape at K-Sound Studio in Hohenlimburg/Germany
with the help of Matze Klinkmann sometime in 2002
All musick by Kai, except "Torn To Pieces" by Chuck & DEATH (R.I.P.)
and "Spread The Lies" by Skaldir

Intro "The Rising" by Skaldir
Guitars and bass on "Spread The Lies" by Skaldir

Guitar-solo on "Torn To Pieces" by Skaldir
All lyrics by Ron, expect "Torn To Pieces" by Chuck Schuldiner
Cover artwork by Eero Reiniaho
Live pics by Nathalie Naab
Layout by Janina Kasperidus

1. The Rising (intro)
2. Crimson Harvest
3. Grotesquely Distorted
4. Spread The Lies
5. Torn To Pieces (DEATH)

Drums, guitars, bass and screams by Kai
Growls, bass and chicken-killing by Marc
Guttural grunts and shrieks by Ron